Mediterranean Cycopaths

Arrival in Tunis

16 January 2007 

After a long time planning and preparing, we finally began our trip on Monday 15th of January, taking a flight from London to Tunis. We arrived at Gatwick with plenty of time to spare and had our first win when we managed to escape any excess baggage charges. A win is a win and we were finally on our way so we decided to slip into the bar for a celebratory drink and a quick bite to eat.  Somewhat predictably, we lost track of time, and it wasn’t long before we were making a mad dash to the gate as our names were called over the public address system – We were literally 30 seconds away from what would have been a very embarrassing and costly delay to proceedings.

On arrival in Tunis there was the inevitable scrummage for our custom from the local taxi fraternity, however we were forced to negotiate with the only bloke who had a taxi van big enough to fit our bike boxes.  A fee was duly agreed but, of course, that didn’t stop the guy trying to pull every scam known to man during the short trip.

After an uneventful night, today we have re assembled our bikes, packed up the paniers, toured the Medina and also made an enjoyable excursion to Sibi Bou Said, a charming seaside town nearby. 

Our fingers are crossed for good luck with the bikes, an inauspicious start for me (Jon) today when I blew a valve simply trying to re inflate a tyre after the journey from London…

We had blue skies today and great cycling temperatures, so hopefully that continues for tomorrow when we hit the road for the first time, aiming to complete a relatively short 70k trip to the resort town of Hammermet to begin with.



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