Mediterranean Cycopaths

Bar Brawl & Team Tension

17th January 2007

Leaving nothing to chance we decided to spend Day 1 readjusting to the prescence of sunlight. When finally granted reprieve from the merciless golden orb we were left pondering the merits of indulging in some local brew given the near disaster of yesterday’s drinking session. Due to the gravity of the situation we turned to a time honoured method of guidance – whereupon in a complex 2 stage process subsequent flips of the coin not only indicated the seeking of a bar but also the added stipulation of a ‘local’ rather than the westernised options that lined the main avenue.


Whilst whetting our palate and surveying the decor (lots of tiles, national football team memrobillia and a photo of a grotesquely obese naked lady) we began to sew the seeds of some friendly Aussie / Tunisian interaction. Alas some small altercations that were being played out on the fringes of the long bar room soon transferred to our environs when one would be friend offered us a view of the pavement by attempting a double armed scrum maneouvre with the aim of rapidly forcing our exit (all of this occurring as we attempted to imbibe brand new bevvies – surely the ultimate international insult !). Quick thinking bar staff rapidly escorted us to a far corner, ensuring any escalation in the fracas would necessitate us fighting our way the length of the room to escape. Other divergent offers by would be friends included a brothel and the chance to save humanity.


During some final packing later that evening vastly differing notions of team play were exposed. Whilst one member of team cycopath struggled to fit the tent into his bag it became apparent that the other had violated a pre-departure gentleman’s agreement. Whilst not comprehensive, a list of some of the offending items follows :


1. Extra pair of shorts (‘but they’re my favourite’)

2. Extra stripy shirt – soft to the touch (‘but it’s my favourite’)

3. Bottle of aftershave (‘but it’s my favourite’)

4. Tube of moisturiser (No comment required)


As if serious doubts about a partner’s personal character were not dilemma enough on Day 1 of a 6 month expedition, I was forced to consider contingencies for an Arabian toileting protocol that did not appear to include provisions for post movement clean up. This was of particular concern given the dubious chances of my stomach holding all the roadside ‘treats’ it had ingested. Thankfully a quick mental scour revealed 2 satisfying alternatives to toilet roll and I was able to re-focus my concern on Jon’s character flaws.


1. Joint expense ledger (Sean clearly in arrears)

2. Extra stripy shirt – soft to the touch





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