Mediterranean Cycopaths

Olive and Well

19th January 2007

As we continue our journey southwards the visual scenery persists – a reliably blue sky meets golden sun-baked soil with olive groves as far as the eye can see in all directions. It was in one of these that we spent our first night camping.

This site was one of comical contrasts; visually magnificent with the tent nestled under the branches of an olive tree; audibly offensive as our cactus barrier did little to buffer the traffic noise from Tunisia’s primary highway a mere 100m away – a clear underestimation on our behalf.

Tunisia’s sights are delightful and varied – from the white sand beaches of Hammamet, the Islamic fortress of Sousses’ old city to the mighty Roman colleseum of El Jem – everyday provides the opportunity to imagine a life from civilisations past.

With only three days of cycling and near enough 300km covered our muscles are satisfactorily stiffening, our comical tanlines commencing and our bums suffering a continual dull ache…

With 2 more long days ahead before a well deserved rest on the beaches of Jerba I leave you from the labyrythine alleys of Sfax’s untouristed medina (old city) with an entertaining faux pas from the usually culturally sensitive and well spoken big fella:

Jon: “Does breakfast include bacon?”

Hotel Manager (with incredulous expression): “Sir! Do you not know which country you are in?”

Jon: “Oh, oh yeah. How about ham?”



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