Mediterranean Cycopaths

Truck Surfin’

1st February 2007

Now that we have hit what we anticipated would be one of the most mentally arduous sections of the journey – the remote 1oookm stretch tracing the Gulf of Sirte between Tripoli and Benghazi – I had hoped that like when some of the world’s greatest thinkers had retreated to the last outposts of civilisation I would be bestowed with insightful revelations about lifes great mysteries. Unfortunately I have discovered that whilst battling headwinds, road surfaces and oncoming traffic it is all to easy to be coaxed by the Chilli Peppers entire back catalogue and to shut down most cerebral faculties. (Challenging conditions being a more likely explanation than the fact that I am not one of the worlds’ greatest thinkers…)

 So alas no great enlightenment to divulge – but I have not so much invented but rather observed the phenomenom of ‘Truck Surfin’, which bears many similarities with its ocean-borne cousin. For example the ‘surfer’ may wait for what seems an eternity for the next ‘ride’; then as the big truck/wave aproaches the surfer completes a quick headcheck before a rapid increase in cadence to accelerate forward momentum; at the rides zenith the surfer is picked up and hurtled forward for a ride that is in equal measure exhileratingly fast and tantalisingly brief; the waiting then re-commences. If the conditions aren’t great the Truck can even blow you completely sideways off the road – Truck Surfin’s equivalent to being dumped.

The differences between the 2 activities is also clear. A chief advantage of Truck Surfin’ is that surfers can ride in series without the potential for cutting in. The disadvantage of course is that there is not a bikini in sight for miles.



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  1. Hi Guys
    Tom told me about your tales and Sue has kindly sent me the details.

    Glad to hear you are both having a ball.
    Have you been to Marrahkesh yet? They tell me it is fantastic. Will try to keep up witht the tour.

    Brian Marshall

    Comment by Brian M | February 21, 2007 | Reply

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