Mediterranean Cycopaths

Sights from the Saddle – Uncut

9th February 2007 

Whilst quite comprehensive I believe Jon could of expanded his update to include:

Sounds from the Saddle:

Jon ‘DooLittle’ Gourlay invariably conversing with every single animal we pass. The most protracted (and amusing) being the enraged dogs with whom he is known not just to deviate from the path but to turn back to continue the argument. I just keep pedalling and hope that the local conflict mediator isn’t called in to further delay our progress.

Smells from the Saddle:

Whilst adjectives elude me, let’s just say it is best not to spend too much time downwind of Jon after his daily consumption of harissa (a hot red curry paste). Unfortunately this strategy isn’t always possible in the confines of a smell tent and thus a chilli ban has been imposed.



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  1. Hiya Boys
    Just got myself updated on your journey via your blogg and will now be a regular viewer. Sounds absolotely fabulous! You are both making my feet itchy for something .. maybe not for the feel of pedals beneath them, but certainly something adventurous. Take care and keep growing that beard Sean … it’s very impressive. Love Shezza
    (Wazza, Cheeky and Chocci send their love too)

    Comment by Shezza | February 10, 2007 | Reply

  2. Jon,

    THe Obi Wan’s sit on top of the fantasy league. Just thought you’d want to know.

    Keep on peddalling.

    Comment by Simon Carlyon | February 11, 2007 | Reply

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