Mediterranean Cycopaths

Exit Libya

14th February 2007

Our last stretch in Libya proved that the more things change the more they stay the same. The new experiences were our first real mountain stages in the picturesque Jebel Akhdar (literally Green Mountains) and genuinely cold weather – it apparently snowed 2 days before we arrived – both of which contributed to some ill-health on my part.

Of course we were still hounded at every turn by security checkpoints, every man and his dog that owned a camera (see ‘Sights From the Saddle’ blog, below) and cars that, failing to stop us, would follow slowly behind for no apparent reason. We had to constantly remind ourselves that they meant well, but it really tested the patience after 3 weeks.

We did manage to incorporate worthwhile stopovers at Cyrene and Tobruk (see pics), before we finally departed on the 13th.

Seeing that we will be returning to Tunisia, Libya is the first country to be completely ticked off the list and, considering the length of the coastline, the visa / touring difficulties (another guy we know of got stopped from cycling Tripoli to Benghazi last week) and the hassles, it was two very relieved cycopaths eating felaffels in Sallum, Egypt, that evening.




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