Mediterranean Cycopaths

Gawk Like An Egyptian

27th February 2007

As previously reported, while I was up the Nile Valley, Sean was left to his own devices in Cairo. This involved the odd excursion around town where the Team Cycopath stud proved to be a big drawcard with the opposite sex, receiving numerous photo requests and marriage proposals.  He also spent a fair bit of time lounging around the Team’s downtown hotel, where a similar level of interest was generated from the staff members.

Upon my return, I was dismayed to discover the extent to which he had charmed the cleaning ladies.  There were about 6 of them and if they weren’t hiding around corners or giggling behind their hands, then they would be unnecessarily walking past our door for the umpteenth time trying to engineer a ‘random’ encounter.  Sean, for his part, wasn’t helping matters – walking shirtless from the shower, smiling a lot  and speaking politely to them in basic Arabic.  It was like being back in Primary school.

Fortunately, on the day things reached a new low (I found two of them fighting over his empty breakfast tray), we were departing for Suez.  It was left to the guy at reception to state the bleeding obvious as Sean handed over the key – he pulled him aside and says “I have to tell you this – many girls here admire you”.

I guess that makes me his Guard Dog…



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  1. Yes, that ‘walking shirtless from the shower’ trick has been used to good effect before, watch out that it’s not overused! Must not be underestimated!

    Comment by Josh | March 1, 2007 | Reply

  2. Loving the entertaining accounts of the unfolding adventures particularly the insightful blow by blow descriptions of the humourous encounters created by the cultural divide and recounted here in your blog.
    We mere mortals are restricted to a trip to the shack and back.
    Trusting the cycle track continues to be as interesting, eventful & educative as it has to date and keep safe. Don’t forget risk management!

    Comment by Tim & Sue ~ Jon's parents | March 3, 2007 | Reply

  3. I suppose after all that time honing the shirtless walk at Chisolm, it would be unfair not to unleash it on the world…. Although I am surprise that word of it ad not preceded him, much in the way of Magnum

    Comment by Dom | March 3, 2007 | Reply

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