Mediterranean Cycopaths

Team Cycopath’s 10 Commandments

As we sat in our sleeping bags atop Mt.Sinai, taking in the stunning vista before us, Sean’s mobile phone rang despite having no reception! It was a private number and, when answered, a booming voice addressed us on loudspeaker:

“Welcome Team Cycopath! Sorry for using the mobile, this area’s a National Park now, so no fires allowed. Congratulations on making it this far, I’m enjoying the blog immensely – you two really are crazy cats. Sean, I’m glad you ditched the beard and Jon, good to see you dropping a few kilos. The following Commandments will help to guide you for the remainder of the trip”.

We scrambled for a pen and paper as the following directives were reeled off …

  1. NEVER leave a team member behind.
  2. If a team member wants to go for a beer, the team goes for (a) beer(s).
  3. Navigation decisions are taken as a team and, where disputes arise, route shall be determined via Rock, Scissors, Paper.
  4. No blame to be apportioned for directional mistakes resulting from Commandment 3.
  5. High fives to be administered for all major achievements be they qualitative or quantitative; individual or team.
  6. Never mock a Team mates beard, no matter how bad it looks.
  7. Although discretion should be used for all blog entries, individual Team members retain veto rights. Frivilous use of this right should be severly punished.
  8. In any arguments with touts, taxi drivers, pimps or anyone wearing a uniform, Team members should back each other up, even if they suspect he’s in the wrong.
  9. If a Team member receives a disturbing massage from a Moroccan who undoubtedly whistles his way to work each morning, then he should (from now on) warn-off other Team mates waiting in line.
  10. At no time should any act of kindness or generosity from a resident of an ‘Axis of evil’ country, change the opinion of any Team member that the person is, in fact, evil to the core. As is their husband / wife, kids, cat, dog and elderly Grandmother.

Jon and Sean


March 6, 2007 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Hey boys,
    Only just managed to get your web address afer multiple requests to Luigi to send the link though. I should have gone straight to the source and asked Amy (who i shared a Champagne with on pierco’s boat last night). She scribbled it donw on a piece of paper and i have spent the last hour reading about the travels.
    I think congratulations are in order. What an achievement to even get this far!
    On another note, thanks Jono for the well wishes on the wedding night. A great time was had by all and i look forward to showing you the photos over a Moo Brew!
    Best of luck with the rest of the trip. Stay Safe!

    Comment by Besty | March 6, 2007 | Reply

  2. Excellent work dudes! Great stuff. If you guys need any tips in growing, or indeed wearing a beard, just let me know. My knowledge lies in abundance.

    See you along the way somewhere soon.


    Comment by Big Dopey | March 7, 2007 | Reply

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