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A forum for stories from the road that we can’t shoe-horn into other posts:

Dumb and Dumber

Incident #1: Sean and Jon cycle 45kms from Fethiye before stopping to grab a bite to eat.  Jon reaches for his wallet only to realise that he has left it back at the Fethiye accomodation (under his pillow).  Later that afternoon he hires a scooter and drives a 140km round trip to retrieve it.

Incident #2: Team Cycopath stop for a morning break after 40kms in the saddle and Sean reaches for his mobile phone … only to discover he has left it back at the Agrinio accomodation (under his pillow).  He hitches a lift in a ‘Mafioso’ style Mercedes to go and get it (taking his helmet to “Explain his get-up”) and returns 2 and a half hours later on a bus.

Needless to say a morning checklist has now been instigated.  Some Benny Hill music on the iPods would come in handy too.


We are loading the bikes up in Lattakia (Syria) and a middle aged man is taking a keen interest in proceedings.  “Where do you put the oil?” he asks.  “On the chain” Jon replies.  He continues to inspect our machinery and it soon becomes clear that he is searching for a fuel tank.  It takes a good couple of minutes to explain that these are bicycles – pedal driven, human powered, the like of which he sees every day, but he’s still looking confused as we PEDAL off.

Fuel for the Ride

The road to Delphi has just presented us with a steady 14km ascent on a hot day and we’ve arrived at a ski resort.  Sean pulls over and proceeds to consume: 1 x Large Chocolate Milk, 1 x Double Chocolate Cornetto, 3 x Mars Bar and (to balance it up) 1 x Fruit Juice.  As we cycle away from the carnage of this gluttonous rampage, the big man justifies his actions simply – “I was shaking when I arrived, but I’m not shaking anymore”.

Mistaken Identity

As you would expect, we are constantly subjected to people guessing at our nationality.  All to often however, they seem to be mistaking Jon’s sun tan for regional ethnicity.  Even after Sean has trotted out the “Australian” line it is invariably followed by – “… and your friend? Español?” or “e siete Italiano?”.  A hotel receptionist in Turkey took the cake though when, 2 minutes after asking whether Jon was German, he couldn’t stop himself from checking again – “Are you sure you’re not German?”.

Groundhog Day for Tombsy

Tombsy: “Hey Jon, have you got the time”

Jon: “Yep, it’s 9.15”

Tombsy: “Same as yesterday!”

Jon: “Umm, yeah, it happens everyday mate”


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  1. Ohlala….a bit disappointing….hum ;)….Psitt psitt Michael, come here, listen : wake up a bit…you have failed your mission so far in trying to get nice pictures ;)…the readers of the interesting journal really start to get impatient 🙂 ok ok…I think you still have a last chance !!! So come one !!!:)

    Comment by audrey | April 15, 2007 | Reply

  2. Audrey, I don’t think you know Tombsy very well… He hasn’t managed to take any photos because he keeps trying to jump infront of the lense himself!!!

    Comment by Tops off Tombsy | April 15, 2007 | Reply

  3. word has it, there will be a couple of HOT blokes joining the trip in a month or two… can’t wait!

    Comment by Rumour... | April 15, 2007 | Reply

  4. Woo ….I like the comment of mister or miss Rumour,I guess I should rely on you for the HOT pictures 😉 !!!!

    Comment by audrey | April 15, 2007 | Reply

  5. well i know a duo of HOT … joining in just a couple of weeks:-) hehehehe!

    Comment by chouchou | April 15, 2007 | Reply

  6. Re – Mistaken Identity
    Jon, the Turkish hotel receptionist could be right you may be a throw-back with 2 German ancestoral lines in your genetic makeup!!

    Comment by Tim & Sue ~ Jon's parents | April 16, 2007 | Reply

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