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Hellenic Highways and Sage Advice

12th April, 2007

After an enjoyable, albeit short, time in the Islands and Athens, it was time to saddle-up the bikes and get back to business. The addition of an extra team member would undoubtedly mean some changes in day-to-day logistics and cycling strategy, but Team Cycopath is a modern, flexible organisation that thrives on such challenges.

While we are modern and flexible, we also subscribe to old school principles of education and initiation, so Tombsy wasn’t going to get it too easy. Not only was a challenging schedule drawn up to get us to Dubrovnik in 2 weeks, Sean stole his lunch money on the first day and I gave him a wedgie for good measure.

Considering the task he has set himself – commencing in a mountainous country and joining two blokes who already have 6000kms in the legs – he is doing pretty well, but I will leave it for the man himself to give you a first hand account in a subsequent post.

Cooling Down

Hot and Hilly in Hellas: A tough initiation for Tombsy

While we were ‘Guidebook-less’ in Greece, we managed to find our way around ok and very much enjoyed the country, particularly the picturesque North-East which doesn’t usually get much of a look-in from foreign tourists.

We also made a stopover at the ruins of Delphi, the ancient city famous for it’s Oracle. The Oracle’s prophecies were hugely respected in the ancient world and no major decision was made without consultating her – counsellees have included Hercules and Alexander the Great. The momentous occasion of a Team Cycopath visit to the country was yet another chance for the Oracle to impart some words of wisdom and, although apparently out to lunch when we got there, she didn’t disappoint – leaving a post-it note with a message for each of us:

Jon: Stop following Sean on mountainous detours to look at piles of old stones.

Sean: Stop leading Jon on mountainous detours to look at piles of old stones.

Tombsy: Detour is spelt D-E-T-O-U-R.

She also suggested that we start giving some recognition to those readers who have donated to Fred Hollows by putting their names on the site. Sage advice from the old girl, particularly given many donations aren’t being credited to us because donors aren’t putting our details in. SO, if you have donated, please send me a quick email ( so that we can credit you on here. If you haven’t donated – click here for details!



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  1. I note the new boy is wearing the Maillot jaune (yellow jersey) Is this the equivilant of the pretenders leading the Tour de France in the early stages?


    Comment by Badger | April 17, 2007 | Reply

  2. Tombsy, Now that you have successfully infiltrated the ranks of ‘team cycopath’, please don’t keep us in suspense any longer…. What is it like? Are their legs really that good? Have you managed to sneak a peak at the ‘funny’ tan lines?

    Looking forward to your reply.


    Comment by Ian Trigued | April 17, 2007 | Reply

  3. Dear Team Cycopath,
    I am a Sydneysider. I have bought all the good gear and shaved my legs. I recently joined the Bondi Urban Triathlon Team (BUTT) and really look the part. Problem is, I have trouble staying on my bike and am always doing myself an injury.

    Do you have any pearls of wisdom for a struggler like myself?


    Comment by Clint Derwent | April 17, 2007 | Reply

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