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So over Hangovers

5th May 2007

Cycling with a hangover is not all bad.

As our bodies have difficulty distinguishing between 2 sources of pain, a bit of cycling superimposed on a severe hangover does little to exacerbate the discomfort already derived from the previous nights excesses. That is, if you’re hurting already, you might as well try and get yourself, your bike and your kit over a few undulations – or so the theory goes… The inevitable slower pace also gives you plenty of time to reflect upon (and regret) the wisdom of consuming all those G&T freepours. And of provoking bouncers whose door policy you disagree with.

But it (cycling with a hangover) is mostly bad.

Your head pounds; your stomach churns; your legs ache; your body sweats pure gin. Lifting your chin too fast causes giddy spells that threaten to knock you over.  Unlocking the bike has been tough this morning you think as you dread actually having to cycle the thing. You’re grateful at least that todays stage is a short one of 107km – less grateful however that it meanders over some pretty serious slabs of rock in the Croatian and Slovenian highlands. Less grateful as well that after 3 days of getting drenched in all variety of manners (rainstorm, thunderstorm, hailstorm), the day your body is screaming out for any kind of moisture the rains are holding off. Routine tasks such as replacing a slipped chain become highly complex procedures – similar in the challenge they pose to disarming a nuclear warhead with a paperclip. Or authoring a choose-your-own-adventure blog for that matter.

Anyhow, better get moving you think, as you raise your weary body from its contemplative perch – if you waste anymore time you’ll be in danger of missing the first round in Ljubljana!

Everything in moderation, including moderation.



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