Mediterranean Cycopaths

Spoke n’ Word

  • Defying Logic

On ordering a half and half pizza for the 3 cycopaths –

Jon ”Should we see if they’ll cut it into 8 pieces?”

Sean ”Hows about 12?” (2 pieces each, each flavour)

Jon ”Well I guess it depends how hungry you are…”

  • Currency Exchange

Jon picks up Snoozer from Zadar Airport (Croatia)

Snoozer ”So what’s this currency called?” (as he holds up a note)

Jon ”Kuna” (pronounced Coo-nah)

Snoozer ”Bit racist!”

  • Table Matters

Eating lunch at Cadaques, Costa Brava, Badger notices something wrong with some of the Prosciutto (sniffing the meat with a scowl on his face) –

Badger ”There’s something wrong with this – it smells like dead pig”

  • Rough Riders
A group of bikies are passing at an intersection. One has a set of extra high handle bars.

Tombsy ”I couldn’t think of anything more uncomfortable!!”

Badger ”What about cycling 5000kms from Turkey to Gibraltar?”


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