Mediterranean Cycopaths

Spoke n’ Word

  • Thank-you Doctor

Team Cycopath re-mount their bicycles after an hours break in Tarragona (south of Barcelona) and Jon notices that his legs are feeling a bit leaden –

Jon ”I don’t know what the problem is – I feel really lethargic and my legs are quite sore”

Sean ”Ahh, let me see – we’ve come off four massive nights out in Barcelona, you were still drinking until midnight last night and now we have just cycled 100 kilometres into a headwind…?”

  • Geography Guru

We are explaining our trip to a fellow Australian in Marrakech, who is working as an air hostess in the region and has been away from home for 15 months (Hi Jade!)

Sean ”We started in Tunis”

Jade ”Oh, do people in Australia know about Tunisia?”

  • Off the Beaten Track 

Fellow Hobartian and sailing enthusiast, Daniel ’Woodya’ Woods is telling us about his tour of discovery around the city of Valencia earlier that day …

Woodya ”I found this awesome market today in a big, old warehouse and it had everything – fruit, vegies – in the middle of nowhere!”

Sean / Jon ”Sounds like you were in the Central Market(named for it’s location in the centre of the city)

  • Suspicious Behaviour

We (Sean and Jon) are walking home (by ourselves) from one of Marrakech’s swankier nightclubs where we have just been blatantly propositioned by 3 or 4 well dressed and, relatively, good looking women. The discussion is based around the strong possibility that they were prostitutes …

Jon ”It was a very kind offer, from all of them, but it’s not like we can ask straight out – are you a prostitute?”

Sean ”Yeah, and it’s quite hard to tell when they’re not jumping out of bushes”


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