Mediterranean Cycopaths

Into Algeria – 1500kms to Tunis

Target: Ghazouet – Oran (168kms)

Status: Achieved (Actual 173kms) – 1332kms remaining.

Report: It was a nightmare ferry ride from Almeria to Ghazouet, with the boisterous junior passengers doing their utmost to ensure that the passengers of reproduction age trying to sleep nearby, would not consider reproducing for a good number of years to come. 

Team Cycopath rolled off the ferry and were raring to go … alas, entry procedures delayed the start a further two hours as, amongst other things and regardless of our best charades effort, the border police couldn’t quite get their heads around what a physiotherapist was.  It didn’t help matters when I said it slowly either: “PHYSIO-THE-RAPIST”.  I’m going to insist he writes masseuse from now on.

After further delays at the bank, we were on our way.  Progress was slow as we climbed up through the coastal mountains to the hinterland highway, the swirling winds also thwarting our attempts to get any sort of rhythym.  But things slowly started to improve and the wind swung to the forecasted NW to give us a a boost along.  Lunch stops look like being a real winner here and the people are amazingly interested and friendly.  It’s like being back in Libya!

Scrotometer*: After going showerless (cycling directly off the overnight ferry) and straight into a hot and sweaty ascent, it was looking like being a bad day from the Scrotometer perspective, but things started to improve as we hit the better roads.  Still, it was 31° and we spent 6.5 hours on the bikes – 5.2/10.


* Comfort assessment of days cycling and rating out of ten (10/10 being perfect and sliding downwards from there).


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