Mediterranean Cycopaths

The Final Countdown

After a planned detour back to Spain to get around the impenetrable Morocco / Algeria land border, Sean and I arrived in the Algerian port of Ghazouet this morning to begin the last leg of our journey.  To say motivation has been a little low lately, would be an understatement – we are running out of steam and the day to day grind has been wearing us down over the past month culminating in a real test of character through the Rif mountains (read below).

We have tried to keep spirits high by watching the Fred Hollows total rise (thanks to all those who have donated so far) and even resorting to the desperate measure of having a moustache growing competition, but the undulating topography, searing midday temperatures, saddle sores and lack of anything to do after hours, is making it hard.

So, we have decided to change our blogging format over the last couple of weeks – we will be updating the sight each night to report on the days progress and particulars – giving our readers a (almost) real time insight as we close in on our goal.

There is a approximately 1500kms to Tunis from here, which we estimate will take us 12 cycling days .  Stay tuned as all of those questions you have been asking yourself for months – Can they really do the FULL LOOP?? Can Jon re-take the landspeed record? Does Sean really lubricate his groin each morning? Who will win the TC moustache growing competition? – are finally answered.


Jon and Sean


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