Mediterranean Cycopaths

Further into Algeria – 1332km to Tunis

Target: Oran – Chlef (208kms)

Status: Achieved (Actual 216kms) – 1124kms remaining.

Report: The day started normally enough – some fruit for breakfast, Jon determinedly searching for anything to give me a caning about, and a random stranger requesting a photograph with us on the street. Despite earning the right to shave off my mo – by virtue of the mighty Hawks (my AFL team) thumping the Pies (Jon’s team) on Sunday – I decided not to for the sake of the competition we are having out here. Not that I’m entirely sure how one wins a moustache growing competition.

Good winds and decent surfaces saw us sailing past beaches, huge piles of watermelons and hay bales stacked to look like haybarns early on. The only limit to progress were the queues at regular army checkpoints.  Hospitality again was high with several rounds of drinks picked up by generous locals and regular hoots, toots and wails of encouragement. Alas the wind turned at the death with 60km of headwinds tarnishing a fine days cycling.

216kms a pleasing achievement. A quick check with the Statistics Department places this on the podium as our third longest day (for distance), 6th time over 200km and 17th time over 150km.

Scrotometer: Fine sailing early on but closing headwinds extended the time in the saddle to 7 1/2 hours, leaving both boys saddle dimensions firmly imprinted on their nether regions – Jon in particular discomfort. Temperatures forecast for 32°C – felt much hotter. 3.1/10.



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  1. Awesome guys, lov’n the new daily updates (Ken would be proud). Enjoy the sun, its hasn’t stopped bucketing down here in London, surprise surprise!


    Comment by JG | July 2, 2007 | Reply

  2. Wow fantastic guys!Keep going further and you will be in “Kabylie”, a berber region with its amaizing mountains, olive trees (the best olive oil!)…i feel home sick;-)

    Comment by Samia | July 3, 2007 | Reply

  3. What a killer way to finish your massive trip! Nothing but mountains…looking at Algeria, it’s all mountains, they’re gonna make you earn every last centimeter.
    A huge effort, i’m hanging to buy you both a beer!

    Comment by Josh | July 3, 2007 | Reply

  4. Oh and just in case you’re wondering Sean, I’m still keeping ‘Cindy’ warm for you. Keeping her wheels ticking over…looking forward to continuing the training upon your return.

    Comment by Josh | July 3, 2007 | Reply

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