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Living on the Breadline

7th July, 2007 

Alger La Blanche (‘Algiers The White’) – so named for the distinctive white of the City’s buildings as viewed from the sea by departing / returning seafarers.  This nickname resonated with us as the hilly city came into view.  Two rest days here was the plan, giving us time to wash our clothes and have a look around while recharging the batteries.  Oh, and get some cash out.

It was this last, seemingly straightforward, task that threw our plans into disarray.  We arrived on Wednesday afternoon, giving us Thursday to wash and get the cash before Friday which is always a day off in the Arabic working week.

To cut a long story short(ish), Thursday turned out to be Algerian Independence Day (July 5th, we should have known), effectively meaning no banks would be open for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  This combined with the fact that ATMs here are effectively useless with foreign cards, including Mastercard and Visa, mean that we are unable to get any cash to pay for our hotel and see us out of the country, until Sunday.

Result:  Team Cycopath to stay in Algiers an extra day and survive on the equivalent of £5 (GBP) for nearly 3 days.

There is one, rather significant, saving grace in that we can eat evening meals at any of four 5 star hotels, the only places in town where credit cards are accepted.

Wonder what the poor people are doing?

The rest of the time it is bread-sticks, water and the occasional piece of fruit.  We can’t even afford internet access until after 18.00 when they drop the rates, it’s horrible.

Anyway, dinner time, must run up to the Suisse Hotel to see what’s on the Menu du Jour.  Hopefully no hitches with the banks tomorrow and we’ll be on our way again,



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  1. G’day Guys- Fantastic Work!

    In keeping with high school and university form I’ve been particularly slack with study through the bulk of the semester and am leaving all to a brilliant late flurry. Just like checking on other peoples’ notes for all those lectures and tutes I missed, each time I logged on to your blog my enthusiasm was stifled by the realisation of how much catching up lay ahead.

    In continued homage to my time in academia my finely tuned skills in the art of procrastination were practised whenever thoughts of a solid cycopaths catch-up were entertained. Despite this I was comletely confident in a return of the form displayed in late night/early morning coke and ‘No-doze’fuelled cram sessions (many of which were completed with the current Cycopaths land speed record holder).

    So here I am. The last 90 minutes or so has been some of the best reading I have enjoyed in a very long time. There’s a lot to be said for cramming! In fact I think I’ll claim it was deliberate- a better way of fully immersing myself in your adventure, on a quiet Sunday night with a beer and no distractions!

    Your ongoing blog and photos are awesome guys. My feet definitely itch again!

    Sean thanks a bunch for my birthday phone call (you too Dom if you read this)- I have to admit that I vaguely heard both the mobile and the landline ring from the hangover haze of my bed!

    Looking forward to catching up in person (Joel’s coming back to Melb too).

    Keep up the great effort and diarising (I’m sure that really is a word). I’m off to hit the hay and hopefully not to any haunting visions of….
    – psycho goats
    – jon’s recovery postion
    – your somewhat disturbingly white, naked, protesting arses
    – Cougars
    – vaseline application
    – questionable facial hair

    Cheers! LW

    PS!!! I’m going to donate to FHF, BUT- on the dontion page there doesn’t seem to be anywhere specific to insert your fundraiser ID, are we supposed to enter it in the “please specify” box under “I decided to donate because”???

    Comment by Lachy | July 8, 2007 | Reply

  2. Great going guys, we have been enjoying “sharing” the trip via your blog to the extent that we don’t want it to finish! Wonder how you are feeling about a return to a mere mortal existence?
    Your mother recognised your bare backside Jon.
    Any logical explanation for why the visits to the web site increased so exponentially once there were some nude pics posted;
    Does it mean your fans are perverts?
    or could it be, they cannot get enough of you?
    or maybe is it random porn site searching?
    Safe cycling for the final leg.
    Mum & Dad

    Comment by Tim & Sue ~ Jon's parents | July 9, 2007 | Reply

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