Mediterranean Cycopaths

Monkey Business

Target: Algiers – Azazga (122kms)

Status: Exceeded (Actual 151kms) – 782kms remaining.

Report: 70kms in and coasting, I allowed myself the following indulgent thought – well today’s been fairly uneventful, we’ll cruise this one in – and within minutes the following sequence of events kicked off, reminding me, once again, not to take anything for granted:

Large, unrepairable puncture, front tyre; loud, unrelenting torrent of expletives; sobered by coming across a serious road traffic accident; temperatures continue to climb to near unbearable levels; skull pounds with spliting headache; smaller, repairable puncture, rear tyre; louder, reprehensible torrent of expletives; long climb to finish in target town; target town does not have a hotel, so climb extends the best part of another 12kms until we reach a hotel.

On the plus side, the final stages of todays climb flattened to a nicer gradient, allowing relatively pleasant final kilometres through heavily forested hills, with a few cheeky monkeys thrown in for good distraction.

Scrotometer: Late climbing and extended distance (initial distance estimate had been inaccurate as well, compounding our pain) in the afternoon heat saw the scrotometer plummet from a relatively high position: 5.9/10



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  1. Nice comments by Lachy on the previous blog.

    It would be great if a few more Fans opened up and shared their thoughts on the last 5 and a half months of the boys trip.

    Great sruff fella’s… saviour the last week or so – there’s not a lot happening back here in the real world!!
    Rob G

    Comment by Rob | July 9, 2007 | Reply

  2. Great work you blokes…
    A couple of ideas for when you finish the ride so you don’t have to go back to work.

    1- Patent the Scrotometer
    2- Join in the Tour de France (about half way through when you finish)
    3- Cycle home
    4- do another lap… make it a nude lap and say its for a protest. (get a bee to sting you for extra effect)
    5 – Write a book

    Comment by Choice | July 9, 2007 | Reply

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