Mediterranean Cycopaths

Fertile Ground

Target: Jijel – Skikda (152kms)

Status: Achieved (Actual 150kms) – 470kms remaining.

Report: Todays riding carried us through the most rural territory we have encountered in Algeria – the road surfaces appropriately deteriorating to reflect this fact. But in fairness, Algeria has provided us with some of the best roads of the trlp, and this seemed a small price to pay for the rolling hills and river valleys on show. Indeed, Algeria is more fertile than I ever imagined – men lined many roads flogging crates overflowing with ripe tomatoes, eggplant (aubergine), zucchini (courgette), beans and capsicum (peppers). 

We once again proved the star lunchtime attraction – todays lucky host, the town of Ain Kuchera (photo below). With an audience mainly consisting of children, we found it a little easier to escape without the earbashing of yesterday.

King of the Kids

Now freshly showered, fed and photographed for our moustache competition, it is with satisfaction that I report our arrival in Skikda a day ahead of schedule – the result of 3 long days on the bike. As I have left Jon to examine his ‘battle scars’ the vital question will be: at what cost?

Scrotometer: The nagging headwind and long stretches of rough surfaces could have made the day a lot worse if we weren’t blessed with a 2nd successive day of cloud cover – and for the fact that we virtually rolled on all downhills to placate Jon’s screaming upper thighs. Still, they were screaming: 3.8/10



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  1. It is all a little bit sad as the little red line gets closer to its origin. How many days will it take you to knock off the final 470 km?

    Comment by Rob | July 11, 2007 | Reply

  2. On average about 3 days – but we are gonna take the last little bit nice and slowly – so are planning on 4. Should make Tunis for Sunday Lunch (probably a shewarma rather than a roast).

    Comment by seansmee | July 11, 2007 | Reply

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