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Cycling Shorts #4

Motown – Deliver Your Verdict!

The competition has finished and the respective moustaches submitted to you, the judging public, below: 

Disco Stu style       Officer Barbrady style

Click on the pictures for a closer inspection and then leave your vote and/or disparaging remarks via the comments button below.  Don’t hold back, we’re quite thick skinned.

Uniform Madness

I know we have touched on this previously, but a recent incident again highlighted the absurdity of police not wearing uniforms …

We are casually cycling along the picturesque Corniche Kabyle when a man wearing slacks and casual button up shirt starts waving excitedly and holding up his hand telling us to stop.  Nothing unsual there, happens multiple times a day – people are interested and want to ask us the same 4 or 5 questions everyone else wants to (and then exchange details, invite us to stay with them etc. etc) – as also happens multiple times each day, we cycled straight past.

500 metres down the road, a car careers past and brakes heavily to cut us off, nearly taking Sean out.  The same man jumps out of the back waving frantically with a radio in his hand for us to stop.  Turns out he is a policeman and wants the usual details (what are you doing, where are you going, would you like to have lunch).

In fairness, you can’t really blame the boys in blue (or whatever colour their uniforms actually are) for dressing in civvies – most of the recent terrorist attacks here have been targeted at police – but if they do decide to leave it at home they need to alter their expectations accordingly.

Comfort on Cold Winter Nights

For those of you currently hibernating through winter in southern Australia, here’s a recipe we picked up in Libya about 5 months ago to help you through.  We call it ‘Sharia Fish‘ (that’s how it phoentically sounds when people say anyway) and, available at any cafe in the country, it’s a real winner:

Ingredients: Corn Flakes, Milk, Crushed Almonds, Liquid Chocolate (in one of those squeezable containers) and Honey

Instructions: Pour a large cup or mug 3/4 full with Cornflakes and then drown in hot milk (preferably heated via one of those coffee machine steamers).  Top with honey / chocolate to taste and sprinkle with Almonds.  Enjoy!


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Dashboard – Week 25

  • Days Cycled – 4
  • Distance Covered – 585km
  • Cumulative Distance – 12812km
  • Days Remaining until 6 month deadline – 5
  • Algerian Districts cycled through where at least 1 of the statements below was applied by Australian Government travel advice – 6
  • “avoid any unnecessary movement and maintain extreme caution”; “reconsider your need to travel by road”; “exercise extreme vigilance”; “ensure (you) have appropriate personal security protection measures in place.”

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