Mediterranean Cycopaths

Hospitality and Home Cooking

Target: Skikda – Annaba (108kms)

Status: Achieved (Actual 112kms) – 302kms remaining (after recent map review)

Report: Our final rest day was taken in the port city of Skikda and we were fortunte enough to be hosted for lunch by the extremely hospitable Zaid family, the eldest son of whom, Tahar, had accosted us in the street and determined that he was going to help / guide / manage us in every pursuit we undertook whilst in the city whether we liked it or not.

We did like most of it – except for the fact that he insisted on dancing and singing his way through the days agenda – and a delicious home cooked cous-cous lunch was the undoubted highlight in a day that also saw us visit the beach, walk along the Corniche and have a newspaper interview for the local rag.

Cous-Cous Heaven

Today, it was back on the bikes (Tahar dropped by at 06:40 to bring some breakfast and watch us get ready) and we were away at a reasonable hour for what turned out to be an uneventful ride to Annaba where we arrived at Midday.  Highlight of the day was seeing ‘Tunis’ appear on the road signs.

Scrotometer: Just off a rest day, early start, short distance, not too hot – all factors combining for a comfortable journey: 8.3/10



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