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We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who followed our journey over the past 6 months and for the incredible amount of support we received via comments on the website, emails, text and phone calls. The trip has been the fulfilment of a three year dream, made possible by the support of many others.

Team Photo

We also wish to thank:

  • Everyone on our route who helped us achieve our goal – Sami and the guys in Libya, the lads at the Algerian Embassy in Marseille and many, many others that either put us up for the night, bought us a meal or a drink, sent us in the right direction or simply cheered us on as we cycled by.
  • All of our readers who were inspired to donate to the Fred Hollows Foundation. Your valuable contributions are vital to the Foundation achieving it’s aims of eradicating avoidable blindness in the world.
  • Penny Tribe, Shaun Jones and Nina Murphy at Fred Hollows for their support of our adventure.
  • Michael Tombs (with us for over a third of the distance), Rob Gourlay and Richard Parker for joining the ride, injecting some much needed fresh personality and no doubt reducing the likelihood of us strangling each other.
  • Farn and Fiona for their assistance in setting up the very website you have the pleasure of perusing right now. 
  • Our other friends who made the weekend trips out – ensuring the European leg would add hangovers to the list of physical hurdles to overcome.
  • Sean would also like to thank his beautiful girlfriend Harry, who has demonstrated a level of patience previously assumed to be beyond the realms of human ability.

We are in contact with the good people at Fred Hollows Foundation regularly and intend to post a fundraising tally in the coming weeks, so it is never to late to donate.

So what now for us?  Sean is moving back to Australia in the coming weeks and Jon will be moving back to London for the time being.  If you need to contact either of us, you can do so via a the following email addresses – and

Click here to read articles from the Hobart Mercury and TNT Magazine.

Team Cycopath … OUT


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  1. “Choice….standing by”

    Comment by choice | July 21, 2007 | Reply

  2. Great stuff once again Jon/Sean – Jon I will see you in London for a “summer” bbq soon…

    Comment by Rob | July 28, 2007 | Reply

  3. Hi Guys,

    Well done! Am very impressed by you guys. I’m going to be cycling from Istanbul to Marrakech with a friend of mine from the beginning of October to the end of February this year and was wondering if I could have some advice.

    Last year we cycled from Vienna to Istanbul, so we’re not complete novices, but we don’t know about what kind of roads we’re going to be encountering. What bikes did you use and do you recommend them? Do you have any advice regarding Algeria? Is there anywhere we should particularly avoid? What are your recommendations about getting a guide?

    Many many thanks indeed,


    Comment by Alex Kelly | August 10, 2007 | Reply

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