Mediterranean Cycopaths


Fred Hollows Foundation

What is Fred Hollows Foundation?

FHF is a non-government organisation which seeks to eradicate avoidable blindness in developing countries and to improve the health outcomes of Indigenous Australians.  For around AUD$25, sight can be restored to someone who suffers cataracts in a developing world country.  That is all it costs to change someone’s life for good.  You can’t read Team Cycopath’s blog if you can’t see!

How Do I Donate?

Very Importantly – Take note of Sean and Jon’s Community Fundraiser ID – 000811 and please quote it on any Donation made using one of the following methods (NOTE: if you are donating from outside Australia, you will not be able to insert this number, please drop an email to after you have donated and we will make sure it is added to the total):

1) Use a Credit Card by visiting the FHF website – this will facilitate online donations and also contains details for donating via telephone.

2) Send Cheque or Money Order payable to ‘The Fred Hollows Foundation’ at: Locked Bag 3100, Burwood, NSW 1805, AUSTRALIA; or

3) Bank the Money straight into the FHF account:

  • Account Name: The Fred Hollows Foundation Overseas Aid Fund
  • Bank: Westpac
  • Account Number: 174 905
  • BSB: 032 102

All donations are very much appreciated and will entitle you to a beer with Sean and/or Jon upon their return (your shout, of course).



  1. Jon,

    I thoroughly enjoy following your epic journey and can’t wait to buy you lots of beer upon your return. In the meantime I’ve bunged a few bob into the foundation pales next to the immense contribution you guys are making.

    Stay well, and see you when you are back.


    Comment by roby burke | May 15, 2007 | Reply

  2. Well done guys, truly a trip of a lifetime (and I bet your bums know about it too)!

    So who was the landspeed record holder after all? Kudos to you all.. 🙂

    I’ve popped some squids (25) in old freddy’s account for you guys, hope it helps!

    Hopefully I’ll see you jon (and meet you sean?) for a beer sometime soon..

    Comment by Emma Quinn | July 16, 2007 | Reply

  3. Congratulations, Sean & Jon.

    Your success in cicumnavigating The Mediterranean is truly deserved. To know that you have completed this epic journey and helped so many needlessly blind people in the world is inspiring.

    We greatly appreciate your commitment.

    With many, many thanks.
    All of us at The Fred Hollows Foundation

    Comment by Penny Tribe | July 17, 2007 | Reply

  4. Heya boys, Congrats to you all. Hi to Jon & Tombsy! I am very worried about your rear ends. Have no idea how you get back on those bikes after a rest! I have been to the donation page but couldn’t see the spot to put in your donation number. Made a comment with it though. HOpefully see you soon! Megs :o)

    Comment by Megan Cosgriff | July 22, 2007 | Reply

  5. Congratulations guys for a fabulous effort. We have followed it all the way with great interest as have many of our friends and acquaintances. We all learnt a lot from you about the various people and places you visited.
    All the best for your future endeavours. regards
    Gary and Leigh Tombs

    Comment by Gary and Leigh Tombs | July 26, 2007 | Reply

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