Mediterranean Cycopaths


Our heartfelt thanks to the following generous donors! You too can join their elite ranks – to find out how visit the Donations page.

Belinda Batten 

Andrew & Patricia Best


Sev Blond

Scott Briggs

Lisa Bryan

Roby Burke

Tamie Castrisios

Sally Catlin

Amber Cohen

Aaron Cole

Carla Coleman

Tahnee Conn

Megan Cosgriff

Michelle Fromholtz

Tina Galović

Michael de Gama Pinto

Jon Gourlay

June Gourlay

Rob Gourlay

The Gourlay Family

Ben Gilmour

Jon Gillick

Jeremy Grey

Ian Harkin

Mathew Harvey

Trent Harvey

Kim Hazendonk

Amanda Healy

Dominic Hoban

Rob Knights

Anders Larsen

Brian & Lynne Marshall

Penny McShane

Danielle Medcalf

Chad Miller

Jason & Amanda Osuchowski

Peter Padraic Parks

Potentiality Pty Ltd

Emma Quinn

Maria Reid

Meredith Roomes

Vanessa Russell

The Smee Family

Sean Smee

Harriet Smith

Tony & Julia Smith

Mary Taafe

Rachel & Chris Taylor

Paul Thomas

Gary & Leigh Tombs

Michael Tombs

Peter Veerhuis

Lachlan & Katrina Wakeling

Sharon Wardman

Samia Yazid

Michael Young



  1. Hi Jon and Sean,

    Just writing to confirm receipt of your online donations in pound sterling. I will make sure these are included against your FHF community fundraiser id.

    Wow what a challenge you are undertaking. All the very best for the remaining kilometres.

    Best regards,

    CEO – FHF (UK)

    Comment by Shaun Jones | June 18, 2007 | Reply

  2. Well done guys, A great effort with some lifetime memories and a very worthwhile contribution to society.

    Caught up with your Mums recently. Tom keeps me up to date as well. Jon I understand your not coming back just yet, will have that beer later. Sean Look forward to a few in Salamanca and I get to meet the love of your life ( promise not to tell her all of your secrets).

    Brian M

    Comment by Brian Marshall | June 22, 2007 | Reply

  3. What is the current total fellas? Estimate?

    Comment by Total | July 10, 2007 | Reply

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