Mediterranean Cycopaths


Sean Smee

Sean Smee

Age: 27
Born: Hobart, Tasmania
Profession: Physiotherapist
Summary:Sean was born and raised in Tasmania, but with a love of touching other people’s bodies that bordered on inappropriate in a recreational capacity, he was forced to relocate to Melbourne to complete a Physiotherapy degree. After graduating, he continued to work in Melbourne, before seeking adventure in both North and South America. In 2005 he relocated to the UK, where he has been based in Bristol. It is here that his rather mediocre exploits have earned him an Evel Knievel-like status – at least amongst the odd gullible stranger.

Sean is an elite athlete (in terms of comparison to Jon at least) and there is no – well less – doubting his physical ability to complete the trip. With a slightly unorthodox approach to athletic pursuit – which features beer appreciation as an invaluable method of carbohydrate loading – he is cool under pressure and thrives on a challenge. Sean has been assured that should dinner not be on the table upon Jon’s arrival each evening, he will be explaining to passers by that he ‘accidentally ran into a door’.

Jon Gourlay

Jon Gourlay

Age: 27
Born:Launceston, Tasmania
Profession: Accountant
Summary: Also born, raised and educated in Tasmania, Jon completed his professional qualification in Melbourne before moving over seas in 2004 to see the world and take advantage of the demand for contract professionals in Europe (basically the Finance equivalent to being a high class hooker).

Jon started dreaming of this trip while travelling in 2004, however, unfortunately, the dreaming continued throughout the intervening 3 years of London hangovers. Accordingly, not much time was spent on planning or training, so there are still many unanswered questions regarding his chances, and the actual practicalities, of completing the journey. Jon’s main aspiration is to try and at least be in the same country as Sean at some stage during the trip.

His other challenge will be to keep Sean reasonably sober, and therefore out of trouble with local constabulary, although some might say that this will be a case of the blind leading the blind.


Michael Tombs


Age: 29
Born:Lower Hutt, New Zealand
Profession: Accountant
Summary: A Kiwi come Australian, ‘Tombsy’ has spent most of his school and work life in Melbourne before moving overseas in 2004 to travel and work.

Tombsy was an original collaborator in the planning of this trip but eventually decided that the ‘European half’ was more his cup of tea.  He has no concrete plans as to the duration of his stint, so wait and see on that front.

Has set himself quite a challenge in that he has joined Jon and Sean after the latter two have already completed 6000kms.  Plenty of time to think about the wisdom of that decision when he is climbing those mountains in Albania.

Richard Parker

Richard `Sleepy´ Parker 

Age: 27
Born: Hobart, Tasmania
Profession: Draftsman
Summary: Renowned as one of the nicest blokes in Tasmania, Richard rarely says a bad word about anyone … except when they are in earshot!  This unfortunate habit aside, ‘Sleepy’ or ‘Snoozer’ as he is more affectionately known is a talented sportsman who has mixed it with the best on both green and blue playing fields.

Growing up on the eastern shore of Hobart. Richard spent his spare time building and racing yachts, and winning best and fairest awards as a junior footballer.  Training as a technical draftsman he worked in Hobart for a number of years before spending some time in Melbourne. He returned to Hobart where he has built an impressive property portfolio and continues to work as a draftsman.

Richard will join Team Cycopath in Zadar (Croatia) and probably provide Tombsy with a bit of company at the rear of the pelaton, at least for the first couple of days. The majority of his time with the team (around 9 days) will see him soak up the sights of northern Croatia and Italy. A man who enjoys a drink or two, Sleepy will have to curb his late night instincts if he is to keep pace during the day.

Rob Gourlay

Rob Gourlay

Age: 29
Born: Launceston, Tasmania
Profession: Pharmaceutical Rep
Summary: The eldest of the Gourlay clan, Rob ‘Badger’ Gourlay is a veteran cycling tourer and has decided to link up with Team Cycopath in the (mistaken?) belief that he can teach them a thing or two.

Based in Hobart, Tasmania, Rob is a home renovator come pharmaceutical representative and, with persistent revelations of illicit chemical assistance in professional cycling circles, his association with this industry will be closely scrutinized should there be any super human performances on the road.

A  jack of many trades on the sports front, Rob is in the Northern Hemisphere for a sailing regatta and his commitment to putting in some kilometres on the bike are as equally impressive, and appreciated, as Snoozer’s before him.  In fact he has brought his bike, Silver Bandit II, all the way from Australia to South-East France, a logistical mission that unfortunately didn’t involve any Coach travel, his preferred method of transport.



  1. Where is Thombsy’s Profile????? Bring it on….

    Comment by Fan Club | April 10, 2007 | Reply

  2. I had a great time chatting with all of you on our brisk ferry ride from Santorini to Athens. Great blog, I will check it often. I hope your ride from Pireaus wasn’t to bad; how was my milage estimate? Take care on the rest of your trip and I look forward to reading more stories.


    Comment by Aaron | April 10, 2007 | Reply

  3. Legends!!

    What an awesome trip!

    Andy G from Melbourne just forwarded me your website. I have read through January (and your profiles) and am loving it.

    I am sure I will cover the rest over the coming weeks and follow the rest of your adventure from my boring desk in Melbourne (dreaming that I was over there doing something adventurous myself!).

    Keep up the good work and ride safely


    Comment by Watto | April 26, 2007 | Reply

  4. Hi Sean, Just wanted to write to let you know how I am getting on. I have had the 2nd lot of botox injections and it didn’t hurt so much this time. It seems to be helping. I have been working really hard and watching the wrestling.
    I have been looking at your photo’s and will look forward to seeing more. Hope you are ok and hope to hear from you soon. From James Tabrett.

    Comment by James Tabrett | May 1, 2007 | Reply

  5. Hey,

    A friend and I are going to pick a portion of the Mediterranean to cycle around for a month this summer. Do you have advice on where to start and finish and on how we should prepare. We are fresh outta college and need some adventure. We are both dying to do this and just don’t know where to start. Your website is awesome and it looks like you had a crazy fun time.


    Comment by Peegy | November 11, 2008 | Reply

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